PARTICLE MACE is an upcoming 1-4 player game for Windows/Mac/iOS by Andy Wallace about defending yourself in a hostile universe by swinging particles into enemies.

PARTICLE MACE is a game about capturing the thrill of classic arcade games with a new, physics based mechanic.

PARTICLE MACE is a game about trying not to die, but that's impossible.

PARTICLE MACE is in alpha!

Here are some screenshots:




Non-transparent Logo

PARTICLE MACE likes your friends

It will even let you kill your friends, which can be a lot of fun! Or you can play with them in co-op arcade mode, but wouldn't you rather smash them?

Getting In On This Action

Maybe you saw this and thought "I'd like to play that." Well good news: PARTICLE MACE is in alpha! For a discounted price you can get in on the action and yell at me when things aren't to your liking. But unlike normal yelling, this yelling results in me changing the game to fit your hopes and dreams.

Buying the game now will guarantee you all builds up through release, any updates after that point and a Steam key if you want it, as well as one for GOG/Desura if it ever comes out on those platforms. What you definitely don't get is any DRM. You buy it, it's yours.

(Steam has some DRM. Humble and do not)

This alpha is only for the PC/Mac version of the game. iOS folks will just have to wait. Playing with Xbox/PS3 controllers is recommended.

What are people saying?

Your thumbs ride the analog sticks as if a space cowboy with a mean lasso technique.

Kill Screen

A complex physics based battle royal.

Greenlit Gaming

The elegant movements of your ship are like a ballet of geometrical anarchy.

Cue Indie Review

It's a dangerous concoction of old and new. Dangerous because it eats time.

Indie Statik

A rad little game, all controlled with a single joystick/thumbstick.

Game Revolution

In Particle Mace, the only way to survive long enough to accomplish any worthwhile objectives is to lose yourself in the greater context, ceding what seem to be immediate interests for the good of those whose fates are tied up in yours.

In other words, in Particle Mace, the only way to win is by becoming a better person.



Credits and Such

This game is being made by Andy Wallace. He is a man who makes small games in a smaller apartment.

Drop secret notes/send feedback to
andy[at]andymakes[dot]com or @andy_makes

The music is being done by
Nathaniel Chambers.

The audio is being done by
K Anthony Marefat & Bobby Fata.

PR is being done by Maya Kramer.